PJ Gym Coach Allegedly Assaults Mamak Staff In Bandar Utama For Serving Him Bad Eggs

Netizens are speculating that the gym trainer was so quick to anger due to 'roid rage'.

Cover image via Google Maps/Facebook & Malaysian Chinese Kitchen

A waiter of a mamak in Petaling Jaya was allegedly assaulted by a local gym trainer after he was served spoiled eggs at the restaurant

A witness posted about the incident on Facebook and said it occurred at Al Sarifa in Bandar Utama at 1am on Thursday morning, 8 October.

According to the witness and purported police report, the personal trainer from a gym in Damansara Perdana was at the mamak with a friend and had their orders taken by the server, Seyad

Seyad told the police that the trainer ordered half-boiled eggs.

However, when his food arrived, they said that the trainer immediately became angry and called Seyad over to yell at him for serving him spoiled eggs.

The waiter apologised and said he did not know the eggs had gone bad. However, without warning, the gym trainer grabbed the staff's head and brought it forcefully to his knee.

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Image via Malaysian Chinese Kitchen

The gym trainer immediately fled the scene, leaving his friend behind, while the Al Sarifa staff quickly notified the police

The friend revealed the trainer's identity after some pressure from the 30 eye-witnesses and patrons dining at the mamak during the incident.

Seyad lodged a police report when they arrived at the scene, and he went to a hospital for treatment of his injuries to the left side of his head.

The witness shared that he had not managed to take any pictures or videos of the fight while it happened or the trainer's motorcycle registration number. However, he said there were at least five other witnesses willing to testify the incident in full.

The post has since gained attention on social media, with many netizens speculating that the gym trainer was so quick to anger due to 'roid rage'

Facebook users on the witness' post as well as those on the Lowyat.NET Forum believe the gym trainer was unreasonably aggressive due to steroid use.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, people who misuse anabolic steroids - a type of performance-enhancing drug that promotes muscle growth - report more irritability and aggression.

Case reports and small studies have shown that steroid users get involved in fights, verbal aggression, and violence more than non-users, and the phenomenon has since been dubbed 'roid rage'.

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SAYS has reached out to the witness, Al Sarifa, as well as the gym for comment but at the time of writing this story, none have responded.

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