PM Anwar: Prices For Grade A, B, And C Eggs Reduced By 3 Sen

The prices were reduced by about 5%, effective yesterday, 17 June.

Cover image via Bernama via New Straits Times & Medium

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Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced that the prices of eggs of three different grades have been reduced by 3 sen, effective yesterday, 17 June

According to FMT, the prices have fallen to 42 sen for grade A eggs, 40 sen for grade B eggs, and 38 sen for grade C eggs, marking a decrease of approximately 4.55% to 5%.

"This subsidy of 10 sen per egg [to accommodate the price reduction] will involve an expenditure of RM100 million. In 2023, the allocation for egg subsidies was RM927 million," said Anwar.

Retail prices for eggs in Sabah, Sarawak, and Labuan will be adjusted according to the gazetted zones and divisions.

The different grades of eggs are distinguished by size, weight, firmness of the yolks and whites, and cleanliness of the shells, among other qualities.

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Image via Aswadi Alias/New Straits Times

Anwar said the decision to reduce egg prices aligns with the government's efforts to return savings from targeted subsidies to the people through education, healthcare, and public transportation, among others

"I want to emphasise that the issues related to the cost of living will continue to be addressed by the government in a more proactive and effective manner, while striving to mitigate the adverse impacts on the daily lives of the people," the New Straits Times quoted him as saying.

Last July, the government proposed floating egg prices but postponed the plan due to concerns about potential price hikes and consumer impact, reported FMT.

In his 2024 budget speech, Anwar announced that the temporary ceiling prices for chicken and eggs would be lifted to ensure an uninterrupted market supply.

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