[VIDEO] Police To Investigate Cars Racing Illegally On DASH Highway At Midnight

The highway has become a gathering spot for drivers engaging in the races.

Cover image via @bebasnews4473 (YouTube) & Kosmo

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Recently, a few videos featuring cars illegally drag racing on the Damansara-Shah Alam Elevated Expressway (DASH) at midnight went viral

In the Youtube videos posted by BebasNews, a large car gathering recently took place at 12am on Sunday, 26 February. 

The cars with seemingly modified engines, can be seen leaving clouds of exhaust smoke and tyre marks as they drive at breakneck speeds.

The videos showed multiple luxury cars rallying at a rest stop near Denai Alam toll plaza during the odd hours of the night.

Motorcycles can also be heard revving their engines, while overtaking each other on the highway.

In a video posted by Kosmo today, 28 February, the drag races took place again at 1.30am yesterday, 27 February. 

Residents around the area have been reportedly complaining about the issue for over two months now, but to no response

It has been four months since the highway was launched. According to a report by a nearby resident, the drag racing has been keeping their family up at night for over two months.

A local residing at Perdana Heights in Section U10, Shah Alam told BebasNews that he could not sleep through many nights due to the noise from the highway.

"It has been happening for the past two months. I have made a complaint to the police in this area, but no action has been taken," he said.

Another resident also expressed their worry for the safety of the innocent users of the highway saying, "If the racers involved die, I don't care. But I don't want it to happen to the other drivers on the highway."

The Bukit Jelutong police station also told BebasNews that the the illegal racers disappear every time they arrive to inspect.

In light of the viral videos, Projek Lintasan Damansara-Shah Alam (Prolintas) has stated that an investigation will be conducted alongside the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) to curb the issue

In a statement released by Prolintas, the company said they view the situation very seriously, and clarified that no permit was released to justify the gathering that took place the mornings of the incidents.

The company also advised the general public to not participate in the illegal drag races but instead to always adhere to traffic laws, which guarantees the safety of all road users.

Prolintas assured the public that they will remain comitted in resolving this issue to ensure the safety and comfort of the nearby community.

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