Hurry Up And Settle Your PDRM 'Saman' Or The Cops Will Come Knocking On Your Door

This time, the police mean business.

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Heads up, you might want to settle your police summonses soon

The police will be knocking on the doors of hundreds of thousands of traffic offenders when Ops Warta kicks off next month

In 2008, traffic police had embarked on a door-to-door operation to serve warrants of arrest to traffic offenders under Ops Warta.

In 2013, police targeted over 251,000 errant motorists, heavy vehicle drivers and motorcyclists in the first stage of Ops Cantas Trafik.

Notices were sent out to the offenders, warning them that warrants of arrest have been issued against them.

According to Bukit Aman traffic chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Mohd Fuad Abdul Latiff, there are 1.59 million Malaysians who have outstanding warrants of arrest

Bukit Aman traffic chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Mohd Fuad Abdul Latiff said they had not forgotten about those traffic offenders who had outstanding warrants of arrest.

“To date, 2.49 million of the 4.09 million warrants of arrests have already been settled.

“Now we are looking at the remaining 39% (1.59 million),” he said at Bukit Aman yesterday.

The police mean business. They will be working with the EPF and National Registration Department to track down the addresses of traffic offenders.

Nailed: Two police officers leaving a warrant of arrest at the house of a traffic offender in Malacca during Ops Warta last year. They will be launching the operation again next month.

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They have already sent out multiple warnings to these offenders

SAC Mohd Fuad said multiple warnings have already been given over the past two years, but these remaining offenders were stubborn and had refused to settle their summonses.

A word of warning from SAC Mohd Fuad: "Don’t be surprised if you are stopped at a roadblock next month and are placed under arrest."

SAC Mohd Fuad added that the operations would kick off some time next month.

“Don’t be surprised if you are stopped at a roadblock next month and are placed under arrest,” he said.

Also, the police will not be accepting "no money to pay summonses" as an excuse anymore

It was reported last year that police would not entertain excuses from the usual plea of ignorance to claims of having no money to pay their summonses.

To check for outstanding traffic summonses:

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MyEG has a section where you can pay PDRM summonses. You can also register to receive alerts for new summonses via email.

Another online method to check and pay summonses is via Rilek.

You can also check for outstanding summonses at any traffic police counters, post office, Maybank ATMS, selected shopping malls, and Road Transport Department branches.

Alternatively, you can check for outstanding summonses via It's actually pretty fun:

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