Policeman Was Caught Smoking Next To A 'No Smoking' Sign In A Hawker Stall

The incident was said to have taken place on 26 January.

Cover image via Twitter

A police officer was recently caught puffing a cigarette near a 'No Smoking' sign at a hawker stall

A Twitter user posted the video on 26 January and tagged the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM).

Image via Twitter

The video, which has since garnered over 9,600 retweets, was said to have taken place in the evening on 26 January.

However, it is unclear as to where the exact location of the incident was.

Many netizens were enraged by the video, as it took place despite the 2019 smoking ban

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

One netizen wrote, "I want to save this video to show the police if I ever get summoned for smoking."

Meanwhile, others told the Twitter user to report it to PDRM.

Members of the public can discreetly report smoking offenders to the authorities

You can call 03-88924530 to file your complaints or drop the Ministry of Health a message on WhatsApp at 010-8608949.

If you are reporting via WhatsApp, you are required to include:

- The name and address of the restaurant,
- A photo of the smoker in action within the premise, and
- The time and date of the incident.

A six-month grace period began following the smoking ban. However, warning letters will continue to be issued:

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