PPV Staff Stops Man From Recording His COVID-19 Jab Because "KJ Has Resigned"

The nurse administering the jab had given the man permission to record the process but another staff member suddenly interrupted and covered his camera.

Cover image via @winraffm (Twitter)

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A man in Johor was interrupted while filming his COVID-19 vaccination process

On Wednesday, 25 August, Twitter user @winraffm, who goes by the name Raff, uploaded a video along with a caption explaining that a nurse allowed him to record his jab for the COVID-19 vaccine. However, another staff at the vaccination centre (PPV) covered the camera.

"Rude. I was just recording to show my family," he added.

His video garnered over 146,200 views and 4,400 retweets.

In the clip, the staff member can be heard saying "Cannot record. KJ has resigned", referring to Khairy Jamaluddin.

She then added that according to the Ministry of Health, recordings are not allowed.

She can be seen covering the camera using her hand while affirming again, "Recordings are not allowed."

24-year-old Raff told SAYS that the incident took place at Dewan Jubli Intan in Pontian, Johor, and it happened on the same day the video was uploaded.

The man noted that it all happened so fast that he could not recall the woman's name or face.

He explained, "I went there quite early because I didn't want to be stuck in a crowd. Everything was fine at first. The nurse (administering the jab) treated me totally fine. She was soft-spoken and helpful. We were laughing and talking until this woman, who I'm not sure whether she's an official or what not, suddenly came while I was recording. I didn't even want to record at first until I asked the nurse for permission."

Raff then told SAYS that he was put in a stressful situation.

"Can you imagine if the needle broke while she was interrupting me getting my jab? Then the nurse calmed me down. I was disoriented because everyone was looking at me in the hall, her voice was rather loud. After it was done, I just went to the next station."

SAYS reached out to the Special Committee for Ensuring Access to COVID-19 Vaccine Supply (JKJAV) for a statement but has yet to receive a reply.

Previously, while Khairy Jamaluddin was still the Coordinating Minister for the COVID-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF), he directed all PPVs to allow people to film themselves when receiving their vaccination

During a press conference on 23 July, he said, "If it wasn't permitted before, I'm now allowing it, and I've requested the Health Minister's approval to allow the public to record their vaccination process."

"Go ahead and record yourself, shoot a video of your vaccination so that not only you will have hard proof, we will also have hard proof that you've received an appropriate dosage of the vaccine."

This move came after several people claimed that they were administered empty and reduced vaccination doses in May, followed by another round of allegations of empty syringes being administered by PPV workers in several states in July.

However, on 16 August, Khairy revealed that Cabinet members have tendered their resignation to the Agong, thus stripping him of his title as the Science, Technology, and Innovation Minister, as well as CITF Coordinating Minister.

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