Protest Child Marriage, Gender Inequality & Violence At The Women's March This Sunday

Calling ladies all around to "RISE AND RESIST"!

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A "Rise and Resist" women's march will be taking place in Kuala Lumpur at 10am this Sunday, 12 March

In a press release shared with SAYS, Women's March Malaysia has organised a "Rise and Resist" march happening this weekend, for the first time since 2020.

It is to begin in front of SOGO, Kuala Lumpur and will be ending at Dataran Merdeka.

"Our aim is to bring people from all walks of life together to call for gender equality, justice, and an end to all forms of discrimination against women and girls," wrote the organisation.

Everyone is encouraged to come prepared with their placards, strength, and spirit.

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The march aims to protest Malaysian women's dissatisfaction at certain Malaysian laws that do not protect female rights, while increasing public awareness on similar issues

Among the nine demands that are being made this year includes:

- For the government to protect bodily autonomy and the freedom of choice
- For child marriages to be banned as soon as possible
- To eliminate all forms of violence against all oppressed genders and sexual minorities
- For the government to create a social protection system for all oppressed genders
- To ensure safe and accessible public spaces for oppressed genders
- To enact constitutional and legislative reform to achieve gender equality
- For equal political participation of oppressed genders at all levels of governance
- To ensure decent work standards and living wage
- For the government to declare climate crisis and create a national action plan

"There has been a resounding lack of movement by our government to protect and preserve the rights of women and other marginalised genders," added the group.

The organisation believes that progress towards a Malaysia without gender inequality begins with the voices of the oppressed first being heard, and that significant progress is still needed.

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The organiser strictly advises all those attending to adhere to the standard operational procedures (SOPs) that have been set in place to ensure everyone's safety

Among the SOPs set by Women's March Malaysia include participants conducting self-tests on themselves before the day to ensure a healthy protest, face masks to be worn at all times, and for sick individuals to stay at home. 

The organiser also remind participants not to litter, not to bring weapons or firecrackers, not to wear or hold any symbols of political parties, and most importantly, not to respond to any provocation on the day of the march itself.

Everyone is also advised to listen and cooperate with the marshals that will be on-duty, offering their assistance throughout the march.

"It is time we make our demands heard again. We need a Malaysia that would protect us better," wrote the march committee.

Read the details of each demand and manifesto on their Instagram page:

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