DOLLA Shares What It Means To Be A Girl Boss & The Importance Of Sisterhood

"Don't stop dreaming, women can dream too. Don't sacrifice your dream for something too small or not important," Syasya told SAYS.

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DOLLA needs no introduction to Malaysian pop music fans, as their music and stage presence have wowed audiences since their debut in 2019

The group which consists of four members, Sabronzo, Tabby, Angel, and Syasya, has had numerous hits throughout their career, including Impikan, Dolla Make You Wanna, and BAD.

They made their most recent comeback two weeks ago with the colourful and upbeat track, Look At This.

With music centred on sisterhood and being a girl boss, SAYS sat down with the girls this International Women's Day to find out what women's empowerment means to DOLLA.

DOLLA members. From the left: Angel, Syasya, Tabby, and Sabronzo.

Image via Tatler Asia

SAYS: Hi girls! Welcome to SAYS! Having been in the industry since 2019, what have you girls learned as a girl group throughout the years?

SABRONZO: For me, what I've learned and what we've learned as a group, is to appreciate the support that you have from the women around you. I feel like more often than not, we do go through the same things and the same challenges, especially being in the industry as a woman. It's always good to have someone who has experienced things, and they've always been very supportive in giving good advice and support to us, especially in how to stay strong and resilient, being the way that we are. I'm always blessed to have my girls on the side!

TABBY: We are in a girl group and that's just given us so much strength as individuals as well as [when we are] performing together.

SAYS: As a girl group, you girls must know the importance of sisterhood. What does sisterhood and women's empowerment mean to DOLLA?

TABBY: I think sisterhood and women's empowerment are something that means supporting each other and bringing positive energy to other women and also yourself. Nobody else understands your struggle as a woman like another woman because we basically go through similar things as women. So women to women, we understand and spread love to make sure that we help each other out through tough times.

SABRONZO: It's all about the bond. The sister bond and the female bond!

SYASYA: Yes, the sister bond!

TABBY: I also think we have a unique sisterhood because you know what, we're all very different kinds of women. So in some way or another, that difference also brings us together and we make up for each other's flaws and put [our] strengths together that make us, DOLLA.

SAYS: For DOLLA, what does it mean to be a girl boss?

ANGEL: I think for us it's more like owning the stage at that moment. Sometimes, before a performance, we have schedules so it's hard for us to stay tight together as one but when you go on stage, you own it as one and we just show the crowd and the audience who are watching us the best side of us on stage.

SYASYA: To me, we are girl bosses on stage. I feel when we're on stage, we definitely feel like we have to own the moment because we have to bring the confidence of DOLLA to iDOLLA (their fanbase).

TABBY: What about off-stage?

SYASYA: Fun fact, DOLLA members are actually quite introverted in real life so we do try our best.

SABRONZO: That's true, but to add to that, I think we are girl bosses in general. For us, this line of work does require a lot of mental strength because [we face] long hours and [the need for] professionalism. So, we try to do that the best that we can.

SYASYA: Actually, every girl out there can be a girl boss if they put their mind to it.

ANGEL: You can be a girl boss too!

Image via Utusan TV

SAYS: Is feminism important to DOLLA?

TABBY: I think we should define feminism. The exact definition of feminism is equality, making sure women get what they deserve.

SABRONZO: In that sense, of course! If you work for it, whatever you put in the work for, you deserve to get appreciation. If you can do a job as well as anyone else, I don't think you should be discriminated against.

TABBY: And personally, I think women have their own strength.

SABRONZO: Yes, and give respect where it's due. Of course, in terms of physical strength and other aspects, maybe sometimes we are not equal to men, but in some things, if a woman can do really well then props to her for that. We shouldn't undermine her.

Image via Kosmo!

SAYS: For this year's International Women's Day, what does DOLLA want to see more from women in Malaysia?

SABRONZO: For me, I hope that women are no longer afraid of people or negative consequences. If you feel like you can do something and have what it takes to make it, just do it and say it. Just do whatever you feel is right for you without having to think too much about, "Oh my God, but what about this?" or, "I'm not supposed to be doing this."

TABBY: Yes, YOLO (you only live once)! We only have one life! No matter what gender you identify as, what age you are, or which phase of your life that you're going through as a woman, I don't think there is anything that should stop you from doing what you love to do. So, just go out there and try whatever you want. I don't think there is any difference between genders in terms of reaching certain goals and being the best person that you could be.

SABRONZO: At the end of the day, no one's going to live your life but yourself so you deserve to make your own decision.

ANGEL: And I do want to see more women artists as well, including actresses, fashion designers, authors, or anything else. I want to see more women getting recognition! We need more icons.

SABRONZO: More businesswomen and more iconic women! We can do it, we are so special. We can't keep the Malaysian girls in Malaysia only, we have to let the world know us!

SYASYA: And don't stop dreaming, women can dream too. Don't sacrifice your dream for something too small or not important.

TABBY: Yes, and don't try to change yourself. Everyone is thinking about something negative that they don't like about someone. Negative thoughts change all the time, don't change yourself for other people and only change yourself if you want to. Be true to yourself.

SAYS: What is your message to all the young girls out there who look up to you?

TABBY: Don't make decisions that in the future when you're older and look back at yourself you're going to think, "I wish I tried that." Make sure you do what you want to do at the time and chase your dreams with 110%, and whether [you] make it or not, that's another thing. So, just try your best to succeed in whatever you want to do in life and learn to appreciate what you get from that experience.

ANGEL: Young girls should speak up more. In general, I feel like people don't really speak up about how they feel or what they are going through, it's always only on the Internet. Young girls should speak to their close friends, sisters, brothers, family, and friends about anything. Talk to them, not just about something that bothers you but also something that's good, worth celebrating, and even small things.

SYASYA: Always follow your heart and don't follow what other people keep telling you. Follow what is right for you.

SABRONZO: Find something that you like to do and keep your passion close to your heart. Remember that being kind to people goes a long way.

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