S'porean Girl Follows Her Father's Footsteps & Cleans Up After Dead Bodies At 15

She said that the families of the deceased were mostly shocked to learn that a young girl was capable of such a mentally taxing profession.

Cover image via MOSG (YouTube)

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Have you ever wondered what happens to dead bodies and who is responsible for cleaning up after them?

Trauma cleaners are responsible for developing a plan to safely remove bodily fluids, blood, and other potentially infectious materials from the bodies that died from violent crimes, unattended deaths, or an accident.

These professionals are also in charge of cleaning up a crime scene after the police are done investigating the area.

This unpopular job is often overlooked by society as many would assume that the police are in charge of cleaning up after the dead.

However, one Singaporean, Qasrina, told MOSG in a sit-down interview that she took the brave step to become a trauma cleaner at the young age of 15.

Image via MOSG (YouTube)

Qasrina began working in the field to help her father, who did not have enough workers to assist him in cleaning up after deceased bodies

She said that after hearing about her father's problem, she offered to help him, and her father asked her several times if she was serious about becoming a trauma cleaner.

"I was like, 'Ya, I want to do it, I'm very curious,' and he was okay [with it] since they had no other choice," she told MOSG.

The now 17-year-old woman went on to say that she was shocked on her first day at work because she did not expect that the body would be filled with blood and maggots.

"And I just stood there, shocked. Then my father tapped me and said, 'Be professional,' because the deceased's family was there," she added.

Image via MOSG (YouTube)

She also revealed that the most disturbing case she has had to deal with was cleaning up after a body that was murdered

Qasrina said that when trauma cleaners arrive at a crime scene, they can imagine how the crime occurred while washing away all of the fresh blood from the property.

"You can see the blood, then after that, you can imagine how it started from the master bedroom. I think it (the blood) is from the bed because I think the person got stabbed on the bed first.

"And then after that on the floor and he was dragged all the way to the hallway, and then in the dining area, kitchen, and then the last place I think was the service yard," she shared about one of her experiences.

Despite the gruesome scene, Qasrina persevered and successfully cleaned up the crime scene.

Image via MOSG (YouTube)

According to Qasrina, most of the deceased's family members were shocked to learn that a young girl was capable of such a mentally taxing profession

"The first time I came, they were shocked that I'm a girl, and they asked me what's my age. Then I would tell them and they will be like, 'Wow, you can do this?'" she said.

While Qasrina has received praise for her work from the families of the deceased, she also revealed that it has not been an easy journey as some of her friends have criticised her for her job.

"The girls asked me if I am not disgusted, I said I am disgusted, but it's okay. I'm used to it already," she added.

She went on to say that after one of her trauma cleaning jobs, some of her friends asked to meet her for a meal and repeatedly asked her if she had showered.

"I was like, 'Obviously I've already showered,' they really need to double confirm."

Image via MOSG (YouTube)

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