"Are You Brainless?" — Kopitiam Owner Scolds Customers For Bringing Water Bottle Into Shop

He has since apologised for the incident.

Cover image via 蒲种大新闻 Puchong News Group (Facebook)

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A kopitiam owner in Puchong has gone viral for scolding customers who drank from their own water bottle in his shop

The incident was brought to light on Facebook, where a woman claimed that the coffeeshop owner had rudely approached her family while they were dining at his shop in Meranti Jaya.

The woman said she was eating with her husband and son when the coffeeshop owner suddenly rushed over to their table and shouted, "No outside drinks allowed, put your water bottle away!"

"Of course we were shocked, why would the man suddenly rush over and shout like that? So, my husband asked him why couldn't he have said it nicely," she wrote.

To her bewilderment, the coffeeshop owner looked even more angered by her husband's retort

"He looked like he wanted to hit my husband! His wife came out and tried to stop him. But her mouth was just as dirty, she said, 'Don't argue with these kind of people with no money'," she recalled.

The woman then acknowledged that the shop did have a 'No outside drinks allowed' sign displayed on the walls. However, they did not notice it as it was their first time patronising the shop.

"The three of us had ordered three dishes. If he had wanted us to order a drink each, that wouldn't be a problem. But he could have asked nicely, what's with the attitude?" she wondered.

A video of the coffeeshop owner shouting, "Are you brainless? Anyone with a brain knows that outside drinks are not allowed!" during the incident has also gone viral in multiple Puchong Facebook community groups.

The coffeeshop owners have since apologised for the incident while giving their side of the story

"When the customer and her family came to our coffeeshop, we asked if they wanted to order drinks. We stopped asking when they informed us that they did not wish to order drinks," read the post by Mei Yee Kopitiam Meranti Jaya on Facebook.

"However, later, one of our staff saw them drinking from their own water bottle, so we came out to inform them of our 'No outside drinks' policy and pointed to the signs that were posted on our walls.

"We admit our tone here was not good when informing the customer involved. We hereby apologise for our attitude and tone," they wrote.

The coffeeshop added that they are a small business that relies on selling drinks to make a profit, which is why they have set the rule.

It also added, "As for the other party's accusation that we said 'Customers who do not order drinks are poor', we have verified that nobody said such words. We hope that you will not be misled by such exaggerations."

Last year, another kopitiam in Penang came under fire for shaming a customer for not ordering a drink with his meal:

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