Puchong Man Arrested For Conning 22-Year-Old Student Into Sex In Return For Uni Fees

He also blackmailed the woman with her nude photos.

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A 22-year-old student in Puchong was recently conned into having sex with a man in return for university fees

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China Press reported that the woman was blackmailed by the man for nearly a month before seeking the help of Malaysia Crime Victims Help Association.

The victim, who comes from a poor family, had been working as a part-time waitress when she met the man

According to Sin Chew Daily, the 22-year-old was working to save money for university as she wished to further her studies. The man had been a regular at the restaurant she was working in. 

After learning about her dire situation, the man offered to pay for the first installment of her university fees in return for having sex with her once.

The victim initially agreed to the offer as she did not want to burden her elderly mother, who raised her and her brother with the salary of a confinement lady. 

The victim first had sex with the man earlier this month at a hotel in Puchong Perdana

(Right) The man who blackmailed the victim.

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However, following the incident, the man refused to give her money and told her to pay for her own transportation costs. 

The man asked for sex again three days later, and threatened to release the woman's nudes to her university if she did not comply. The victim gave in and met up with him for sex. 

On Saturday, 25 May, the man used three nude photos of the victim and attempted to blackmail her into sex for the second time.

The victim refused to comply, and decided to seek the help of the Malaysia Crime Victims Help Association after being advised by a friend.

The man was eventually caught by the association after the victim pretended to comply with his demands

Image via China Press

According to China Press, the man's phone contained pictures of the victim that were taken while she was changing and sleeping

Indecent photos and videos of other women were also found in his phone. 

He has since been handed over to the police. 

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