Rahman Dahlan Just Confirmed That PM Najib Is The 'Malaysian Official 1'

"There is no mystery about Malaysian Official 1, only an idiot doesn't know."

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"There is no mystery about 'Malaysian Official 1', only an idiot doesn't know who that person was," said Abdul Rahman Dahlan when asked, at a press conference, to comment on the identity of 'MO1' and if he is, in fact, PM Najib Razak, reported Malaysiakini

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With this, the BN Strategic Communications Director has ended the over two-weeks long public speculation behind the identity of MO1

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Rahman, while adding that everyone who has read the court documents would know who is the person being referred to, however, said that the most important question is why they put Malaysian official 1. "Why is that they didn't name him (Najib)?"

"The reason why the person wasn’t named Najib is because he is not involved or part of the investigation," Rahman explained, saying the US DOJ only used this as a reference to a person as naming him would not be fair to Najib, reported Malaysiakini.

"This is actually an indication that Najib is not among the people being investigated. They used the nickname (MO1) because Najib is not part of the investigation and this is a good thing," Rahman, who is also a UMNO Supreme Council member, stressed.

Earlier in July, the US Department of Justice filed the civil lawsuits seeking to seize assets worth more than USD1 billion, allegedly stolen from 1MDB. Read our coverage on the lawsuits, here:

Last week, identities of 1MDB officers 1, 2, and 3 named in the lawsuits was also revealed by Bloomberg and Malaysiakini:

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