RapidKL Uses Witty FB Posts To Educate Malaysians On How Not To Behave In The MRT

The public transport provider is using creative ways to keep unruly behaviour in check.

Cover image via Rapid KL

Public transport provider RapidKL has turned to social media following reports on acts of vandalism and poor behaviour at MRT facilities

In a series of Facebook posts, RapidKL has been educating the public since last week on the dos and don'ts when commuting on the MRT, that was launched about two weeks ago.

Several photos were uploaded on its official Facebook page as the operator of the MRT-Sungai Buluh-Kajang (MRT-SBK) Line highlighted the inappropriate behaviour displayed by some commuters, hoping that people would change their bad habits and instead be polite and practice good manners.

RapidKL is definitely not afraid to call out any inappropriate demeanour on the MRT, urging the public to remain civil at all times

The public service announcements are usually lighthearted and direct.

One of the posts featured a pantun (poem) to remind commuters that eating and drinking are prohibited on MRT.

"These handle bars may be tempting for you to do chin-ups but bro, keep the gym workout at the gym," RapidKL said in a separate post.

Image via Rapid KL

RapidKL also advised commuters to not to leave their plastic bags on the seats and deprive others of a place to sit

Image via Rapid KL

"To all lovely passengers (if you didn't know yet), plastic bags do not need special seats on the train."

"Give the seat away to someone who needs it more. This is a public service announcement that is full of love, brought to you by the RapidKL admin," read the post from 28 July.

In another post, RapidKL shared a photo that shows an unappetizing sight of a slice of bread sandwiched between the seats

Image via Rapid KL

"We know what you did last Raya. But honey, our seats are warriors. They don't need any food/roti to survive," said RapidKL.

The latest post by RapidKL today, 31 July, has appeared to pay tribute to cosmetics millionaire Datuk Seri Vida's latest viral pop song, 'I Am Me'

The viral hit song has similar lyrics to the captions by MRT. Vida, whose real name is Hasmiza Othman, is a popular beauty entrepreneur.

However, RapidKL's captions gave it a twist, by reminding commuters not to sleep on the MRT. Here are the captions:

"Come to me, sayang sayang sayang.
Say with me, sayang sayang sayang.
Don't sleeping, sayang sayang sayang.
In MRT, sayang sayang sayang."

Many netizens were amused and at the same time, supportive of RapidKL's efforts to educate the public to be good users of public facilities

They urged RapidKL to keep pointing out the public's misbehaviours and bad habits so that they would realise how their actions are affecting the society as a whole and change for the better.

Image via Facebook

Do you think there should be more awareness campaigns to educate the public on good commuting etiquette? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Ever since the new line of MRT was opened on 17 July, incidents of vandalism and misbehaviour by commuters have been recurring problem:

Take note that all passengers for MRT, LRT, and Monorail are entitled to a 50% discount until 31 August:

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