"We Didn't Upgrade Our Train For This" – Rapid KL Reminds People To Not Wash Hands In LRT

They asked all passengers to be more responsible when boarding their trains.

Cover image via Rapid KL (Facebook)

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Rapid KL has called on all LRT passengers to be more civic-minded when taking the train

The train company posted a video on Facebook on Wednesday, 1 December, while sharing their disappointment with an incident.

"We did not upgrade our train to be used as a place to wash hands," they said.

"We hope that our passengers will not follow this behaviour and will be more responsible and ethical when boarding our trains."

The video shows a woman taking a bottle of water out of her bag and using it to rinse her hands while inside the train, leaving a puddle on the floor.

Although only 13 seconds long, the clip has garnered over 500,000 views with many netizens also finding the woman's actions unacceptable

"Even though we are always reminded to wash our hands, but..." trailed off a Facebook user with facepalm emojis.

Image via Facebook

Another netizen said, "There are many who do not know this but you cannot eat, drink, and dirty the area in the trains and the stations. This is because many do this every day."

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, someone suggested, "This is the importance of having auxillary police in every train. If anything weird happens, it can be dealt with right away."

Image via Facebook

Watch Rapid KL's video here:

Malaysians have a long way to go in learning to respect public spaces: