Reader's Digest UK Shuts Down After 86 Years

The magazine, founded in 1922 by DeWitt Wallace and Lila Wallace in the US, has been struggling financially.

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After 86 years, the UK edition of Reader's Digest is shutting down for good

The magazine's editor-in-chief, Eva Mackevic, shared the sombre news on LinkedIn on 29 April.

"After 86 wonderful years, I am very sad to share that Reader’s Digest UK has come to an end," Mackevic wrote.

Mackevic revealed that the magazine, founded in 1922 by DeWitt Wallace and Lila Wallace in the US, has been struggling financially

"Unfortunately, the company just couldn’t withstand the financial pressures of today's unforgiving magazine publishing landscape and has ceased to trade," she explained. 

Reader's Digest rose to prominence with its enduring articles and international editions with many Malaysians reading it to improve their English language

My mother introduced me to the magazine when I was 10. At one point, we even had a monthly subscription.

Throughout its illustrious history, Reader's Digest earned recognition for its impactful campaigns, including one in 1924 that raised awareness about the health risks of tobacco use.

The publication's commitment to quality and innovation was evident in its groundbreaking Great World Atlas, which integrated pictures and text — a first in the publishing world — in 1961.

The magazine's relationship with the British monarchy was noteworthy, receiving recognition from Queen Elizabeth II, including a commissioned portrait for her 60th birthday. In recent years, Reader's Digest continued to feature prominent figures and conduct exclusive interviews, aiming to stay relevant in a changing media landscape.

However, despite its historical significance and past achievements, Reader's Digest struggled to adapt to the digital age, facing stiff competition and declining revenues.

The UK edition of the magazine, unfortunately, could not withstand the harsh realities of the modern market.

The shuttering of Reader's Digest UK marks the end of an era, signalling the loss of a cultural institution that has informed and entertained readers for generations

As the publishing industry evolves, the legacy of Reader's Digest UK will stand as a testament to its enduring impact on readers worldwide.

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