"Rest My Darling" - Mum Of 16-Year-Old 'Chaq' Writes A Heartfelt Post After His Death

The 16-year-old was killed on Thursday after a speeding bus rammed into him.

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The devastated mother of 16-year-old Muhammad Saifullah Mohammad Hafiez, who was killed on Thursday, has turned to Allah in the hope of finding some sort of closure after not knowing how to bring herself to accept the absolute tragedy that claimed her son's life

We accept this as Allah's will. He gave us Chaq for only briefly, 16 years and five months.
Siti Hajar Ghazali

The 38-year-old took to her Facebook account yesterday, 8 November, to share a heartfelt message that her son, whom she fondly called Chaq, will never get to read.

No one will understand how his mother, Siti Hajar Ghazali, has been fighting her tears while trying to come to terms with what happened on Thursday evening when an out of control speeding bus, that was being driven by an unlicensed driver, claimed her eldest son's life while he was trying to make a living.

The 16-year-old student, who was working part-time at a fast food restaurant, was on his way to deliver pizzas to customers before he was hit by the speeding bus.

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In her message, the mother thanked Muhammad Saifullah for being "a wonderful son" and not once troubling her or the family

She said that Muhammad Saiful, the eldest of the seven siblings, was self-reliant and had never caused any problem for the family, adding that he was working part-time to support them.

"If he wanted anything, he would not bother me. He would gather his own money," the mother said.

I don't know how to tell him now how good of a son he was!

"Chaq, I am not strong, you are our life," the grieving mother wrote on her Facebook post while recalling the moments with her eldest son

"You are the one who taught me to become a mother and friend.

"Even when you were tired, you'd still do what I had told you to do. Thank you for being a wonderful son," she penned in her heartfelt message to him.

"Now, rest my darling. Wait for me, your dad and your brothers and sisters there."

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