SAYS Doubles In Traffic And Revenue Contribution For Sponsored Content!

We are the 8th most visited local news site. Be part of the team behind Malaysia's fastest growing social news company!

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SAYS.COM is Malaysia's 16th top local website!

In April 2015, SAYS.COM secured the 16th spot in the list of top 30 local websites in Malaysia with 635,000 unique visitors (comScore)

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In one year, REV Asia Holdings Sdn Bhd and its subsidiaries (REV Asia), have generated twice the revenue contribution in sponsored content, while SAYS.COM and OHBULAN.COM, websites both owned by the Group, have doubled in user growth in April 2015 compared to April 2014.

SAYS.COM has climbed steadily in rankings to becoming Malaysia’s 16th top local website as released by The Malaysian Digital Association (MDA) and comScore. We're the 8th most visited local news site too, beating other online news sites like The Rakyat Post, Astro Awani and The Malay Mail in March and April 2015.

SAYS.COM and OHBULAN.COM user growth from April 2014 to April 2015

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Revenue contribution of sponsored content published on SAYS.COM has also doubled in April 2015 compared to April 2014, delivering unique, shareable social content to over 60 major advertisers in Malaysia

In June 2015, an epic, historical milestone was achieved when a sponsored story created for Pampers Malaysia exceeded 1.02 million reads, gaining high organic traction and audience relevance one year after its published date

The Pampers story, published on 7 July 2014 has gained major organic traction one year after being published

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The story for Pampers, a curated list of the most bizarre and outlandish ways of getting babies to sleep, continues to collect 32,000 organic page views every month. We're happy that parents all over the Internet can share and attest to the hair-pulling yet endearing ordeal of sending their little ones to dreamland. The story is currently the most read story on SAYS.COM!

We've also become AirAsia Berhad’s chosen publisher to educate and inspire local and regional readers through a travel brand page on SAYS.COM

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A monthly series of highly shareable sponsored content consisting of travel listicles, informative articles and quizzes totalling over 685,000 reads has proven to drive revenue for the world’s top budget carrier.

In a recent content workshop conducted by REV Asia for AirAsia Berhad, Kiku Mitsuru, AirAsia Berhad Group’s Head of Digital said, “The team showed us the value of social relevance and reminded us that there is power in content.”

The AirAsia digital team at the REV Asia content workshop

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Over the next half of 2015, the REV Asia team will collaborate, educate and equip advertisers and agencies via workshops, road-shows and social events

The Rev Asia team!

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“The second half of 2015 will see REV Asia seeking to transfer its sponsored content monetisation know-how in Malaysia across to the Philippines and Indonesia, with the ambition of doubling up its staff force in the next 6 to 12 months," said Voon Tze Khay, Managing Director of REV Asia Holdings Sdn Bhd.

REV Asia also envisions the regional expansion of its social media rewards platform, 8Share, following a significant 360% increase of 8Share users in the Philippines and 279% in Indonesia

Regional growth of 8Share, a social media rewards platform in the Philippines and Indonesia has tripled year-on-year

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“We are excited about our prospects for the second half of 2015. The team achieved exceptional results over the first six months, with focus on releasing viral social content and sponsored content as our key revenue drivers. Our long term mission remains unchanged, that is to lead the media revolution."

"We will continue to invest in people to further intensify our strength in curating and producing social content for both English and Malay audience segments,” said Voon Tze Khay, Managing Director of REV Asia Holdings Sdn Bhd. Tze Khay is also the General Manager of REV Asia Berhad, the holding company of REV Asia Holdings Sdn Bhd.

We couldn't have done it without your support. Thank you, SAYS readers!

Tears of gratitude flow down from the windows of our souls

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