SAR Workers Cheer & Hug Each Other After Recovering Last Victim Of Batang Kali Landslide

All members of the SAR team expressed gratitude for the success of their hard work over the past nine days.

Cover image via Asyraf Hamzah/NSTP

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Applause and cheers of joy resounded at the grounds of the disaster operations control centre for the Batang Kali landslide, as soon as the search and rescue (SAR) members brought up the body of the last victim of the tragedy

All members of the SAR team, as well as other agencies involved in the operation, expressed happiness and gratitude for the success of their efforts and hard work over the past nine days.

The victim's body, believed to be that of 11-year-old Eng Shao Qi, was recovered at about 4.53pm today, 24 December.

With the discovery of the body, the total number of victims confirmed to have died in the tragedy is 31 people, while 61 other victims survived.

The SAR operation that began last Friday, 16 December, involved various agencies, such as the Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM), the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM), the Civil Defence Force (APM), and the Special Malaysia Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (SMART)

The SAR operation started today at 7.30am, involving 80 members of JBPM, ATM, APM, and the SMART team.

The services of 11 canines from the tracker dog unit (K9) and 11 excavators were also used throughout the nine days of the SAR operation, in addition to tracking assistance using two Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) devices.

The child's remains have been taken to the Sungai Buloh Hospital for a post-mortem:

The landslide also claimed the lives of the boy's sister, who goes to the same primary school, and their father, Gary Eng, who is the owner of the school canteen:

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