School Van Fatally Runs Over 7-Year-Old Girl In Sepang

The accident was caught on closed-circuit television (CCTV).

Cover image via Facebook

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In a tragic accident on Friday, 12 November, a school van fatally ran over a seven-year-old girl as she was walking in front of the vehicle

Bernama reported that the accident happened at about 12.10pm outside a transit house in Taman Seroja.

The report quoted district police deputy chief Supt Md Noor Aehwan Mohammad saying that the school van had dropped all the students including the victim, who then walked in front of the vehicle.

"The woman driver moved forward without realising that the victim was walking in front of the van," he said.

The victim suffered head injuries and was rushed to hospital

She, however, died while receiving treatment at the Nilai Medical Centre, Negeri Sembilan.

Following which, the victim's body was taken to Putrajaya Hospital for post-mortem.

The accident was caught on closed-circuit television (CCTV)

The CCTV footage has since gone viral after it was uploaded on a Facebook page, where it has been watched over 430,000 times with thousands of comments from the social media site's users.

SAYS is choosing to not link to the viral video.

In the video, the girl, who is hidden from the driver's line of sight, is seen walking in front of the vehicle to enter the house. The driver, not realising the girl's presence, moves the vehicle, running over her.

The victim, who got stuck underneath the vehicle, is dragged for a few feet before the vehicle stops.

A woman is then seen running from the other side of the vehicle towards the victim and picks her up. At this point, a boy runs out of the transit house, followed by another woman.

In the rest of the video, which is about a minute and a half long, the first woman who ran out is seen sitting on the road holding the victim in her lap as people inside the transit house call for assistance.

Image via Facebook

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