28-Year-Old Gets 16 Years Of Jail And 20 Strokes Of Rotan For Raping His Sister Twice

A security guard reacted calmly after the Sessions Court today sentenced him to 16 years jail and 20 strokes of rotan on two charges of rape against his sister.

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A security guard was sentenced to 16 years in prison and 20 strokes of the cane by the Ampang Magistrates Court here today after he pleaded guilty to two counts of raping his sister two weeks ago

Judge Manira Mohd Nor sentenced the 28-year-old accused to eight years jail and 10 strokes of the cane for each count to be served consecutively effective today.

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During her judgement, Manira advised the accused to repent and turn over a new leaf.

Asri first raped the victim at their house at Taman Ukay Bistari here, around 8am on February 14. Two days later, he raped her again at the same place‎.

In the first incident, the victim was coming out of the bathroom after finishing her bath when Asri pulled her into a room and forced her to take off her towel. When she resisted, Asri hit her in her stomach and then raped her.

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In the second incident, the victim was sleeping with her elder sister when Asri entered the bedroom and raped her. Each offence is punishable with imprisonment up to 30 years and whipping as provided under Section 376(3) of the Penal Code.

Asri, who was clad in T-shirt and pants, pleaded for a lenient sentence because he had to look after his mother and sister who are not working

"The accused's act is akin to "harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi" because he raped his sister. "I urge the court to impose a heavy sentence so that the accused would realise the error of his ways because it does not only involve his future but that of his sister," Noor Fadzlin said.

However, deputy public prosecutor Noor Fadzlin Abd Zawawi urged the court to impose a deterrent penalty because Asri is the brother to the victim and should have protected his sister from harm.
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Manira then sentenced Asri to eight years jail and ten strokes of rotan for each of the two offences. She ordered the jail term to run consecutively from today. The 28-year-old reacted calmly to it.

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