Security Officer Told Woman Who Was Sexually Assaulted On A Train That She Deserved It

"He guided my hand and forced it to rub his f*cking d*ck," she shared.

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On 24 April, a woman in Indonesia took to Twitter to share a traumatising experience being sexually assaulted on a train

@xrybqby's post garnered over 22,000 retweets at the time of writing.

The woman explained that she was having a friendly conversation with a man she sat next to during a journey from Jakarta to Surabaya recently

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At around 2am, she realised that the man, identified by his initials AR, began squeezing her hand.

He then took her hand, kissed it, sniffed it, and put it in his mouth.

"I was so scared I froze," she wrote in the Twitter thread.

In a state of panic, the woman took her hand back and pretended to be asleep under her blanket

However, her attempt to distance herself from him was unsuccessful. She explained that he then began rubbing her arm and stomach.

"He guided my hand and forced it to rub his f-cking d-ck," she shared.

"I didn't know what to do, I was scared if I opened my eyes he would do more."

When she eventually built up the courage to stop the man, the woman decided to report him to a security officer on the train.

However, he responded by saying that, "Eh, it's normal. He is a man after all."

"He's a customer, so I have to guard his privacy. After all, you look like a karaoke girl. Not a good girl. Of course he dared [to touch you]," she tweeted, quoting the security officer in Indonesian.

Image via Twitter

In a following tweet, the woman wrote, "This is why we need feminism."

Soon after her tweet went viral, state-owned train company PT KAI confirmed that the incident had taken place

However, a spokesman for the company claimed that the issue had been resolved.

"KAI wants to make clear that the incident has been resolved in an amicable manner between victim and perpetrator," PT KAI Spokesperson Edy Kuswoyo told Kompas on 24 April.

The victim tweeted that she will be meeting with PT KAI to further discuss the incident soon.

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