Selangor Government Offers RM20,000 Reward To Anyone With Information On River Pollution

RM2 million will also be allocated to drones to monitor the rivers.

Cover image via New Straits Times & DJI

The Selangor Government has agreed to reward up to RM20,000 to anyone who has information related to the pollution of Sungai Selangor

Selangor State Environment Committee Chairman Hee Loy Sian.

Image via Malay Mail

In an interview by Bernama, Selangor State Environment Committee Chairman Hee Loy Sian said that identities of the whistleblowers will be kept secret.

Hee added that apart from the reward, punishment for river pollution offences will also be proposed in the State Legislative Assembly next month.

"Now the fine imposed is RM100,000 or imprisonment, we want the existing fine to be increased to RM200,000 to a maximum of RM1 million and also jail of not more than a year on offenders."

High-tech drones will also be deployed next month to monitor the rivers in Selangor

Image via DroneDJ

Hee said the state government has also allocated RM2 million for the drones which will be used by the Selangor Water Management Authority.

The drones will be used to monitor the Klang River Basin, Selangor River, and Sungai Langat.

"They will also be able to take water samples, including in remote areas more accurately," Hee said.

The drones are military-grade and capable of night surveillance, according to The Star.

The Klang Valley has faced frequent unscheduled water disruptions over the past month:

Drones were also used for other tasks like food delivery services:

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