Selangor Man Survives A Car Crash Only To Be Run Over By Passing Vehicles A Minute Later

The tragedy occurred early Friday morning.

Cover image via NST

On Friday, 6 October, a Selangor man driving a Perodua Myvi survived an early morning accident in his car only to be hit and fatally run over by several passing vehicles

According to a report in NST Online, the man had alighted from his car to slow down other vehicles after his car had crashed.

He, however, was killed after being run over by passing vehicles in the 5.30am tragedy.

He was identified as Muhammad Syahmie Mohd Azman

Rembau District Police chief DSP Ibrahim Sharif was quoted by NST Online saying that the 21-year-old, who was from Shah Alam, Selangor.

He was driving the Perodua Myvi which crashed after skidding on the right-most lane before hitting the road divider at KM242.3 of the North-South Expressway's northbound route, near the Senawang Rest and Service stop.

"As a result of the accident, the victim is believed to have got out of his car to slow down other vehicles but instead he was hit by a Toyota Innova multi-purpose vehicle, coming from behind on the same route, causing the victim to be thrown into the middle lane of the highway," NST Online quoted chief DSP as saying.

Ibrahim added that the police believe the victim was then run over by several other vehicles which were not at the scene.

The Perodua Myvi driven by Muhammad Syahmie Mohd Azman.

Image via NST

21-year-old Muhammad Syahmie, who after being hit and run suffered severe injuries on the head besides a broken hand and right leg, died on the spot due to his injuries

Ibrahim said that the man's body was taken to Tampin Hospital in Seremban for post-mortem, adding that a driver had lodged a police report in Shah Alam informing that he had hit the victim while passing through the area, NST Online reported.

The tragedy is reminiscent of a similar accident that happened earlier this year in Dubai, where a UAE man, who survived a collision between his car and a truck, was killed less than 10 minutes later hit by a passing car:

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