Seremban Café Owner Finds Her Merchant QR Code Replaced With Someone's Bank Account

"This scammer is quite cunning!" she wrote on Facebook to alert other business owners of the ruse.

Cover image via China Press & Facebook

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A café owner in Seremban was left aghast after someone brazenly replaced her café's QR payment code with their personal bank account

"This scammer is quite cunning! They took advantage of others being extremely busy and stuck their own Touch 'n Go QR code on top of my merchant QR Code," she wrote on Facebook to alert other business owners about the incident.

According to China Press, the cafe owner, Luo Jing Yi, only realised the switch when a customer attempting to pay through an e-wallet pointed out that the payee's name was different from her cafe's name.

Image via China Press

After a quick check, she realised that someone had tampered with her QR code standee on the cashier counter

"I checked my QR code and was surprised to see that it was covered by another printed code, and quickly peeled it off," she said.

Fortunately, the business owner said she did not incur any losses due to the trick.

Luo told China Press that no one else had chosen to pay using an e-wallet that day.

Image via Facebook

The café owner shared her experience with the hope that other business owners would become aware of the ruse

She added that it is unclear if the owner of the personal bank account is involved in the incident, as it is possible the QR code was affixed by a third party without the account owner's knowledge.

"After scanning, the identity of the perpetrator collecting the money would easily be found. In this incident, I believe the possibility of the bank account holder being framed is even higher," she said.

She also told netizens that she would be reporting the incident to the police.

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