You Could Stand A Chance To Win RM5,000 Just By Pumping Petrol At Shell

This is serious, guys.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Shell. 

Remember that holiday you've always wanted but at the same time, you really need to save some money?

We totally get it. You want to have a little fun, but at the same time, you want to make sure you don't overspend. It's a tough balance to maintain. 

Now you might have the chance to do that with Shell's 'Menang RM5,000 Hari-Hari' contest

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To reward Malaysians for their continuous support, Shell recently teamed up with BonusLink to host this 'Menang RM5,000 Hari-Hari' contest. 

Every day, Shell and BonusLink will reward one of their customers with RM5,000 when they refuel at the petrol station

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And that person could easily be YOU. All you need to do to participate is:

  1. Swipe your registered BonusLink card at any Shell retail station in Malaysia. 
  2. Pump a minimum of RM30 for petrol or diesel. This will count as one entry. 

BonusLink will select one customer daily to win the RM5,000! Besides that, the winners will also get 50,000 extra BonusLink Points if they use their card at another BonusLink Partner store within the same month. 

Just imagine all the things you could do with that money

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All that shopping...

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... year end holidays....

... and most importantly, settling your PTPTN loan repayment. 

So head to the nearest Shell station for a chance to win that RM5,000 now

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The 'Menang RM5,000 Hari-Hari' contest will be running from now till 31 January 2018. Don't forget to bring your BonusLink card with you!

Find out more about Shell's 'Menang RM5,000 Hari-Hari' contest here

Terms and Conditions apply. 

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