Toy Shop Employee Shares How He Had To Punish A Boy For Stealing A Toy Bus From His Store

"The boy said he was already punished by his father, but he hadn't gotten one from the shop."

Cover image via Twitter @singgihsahara & letgo

Recently, a toy store employee shared on Twitter about how a couple taught their son a valuable lesson when they found out he stole a toy from the shop

According to Coconuts, the toy store shopkeeper, only known as Singgih Sahara, works in Semarang, the capital city of Central Java, Indonesia.

The thread was posted last Wednesday, 9 October. At the time of writing, it was retweeted over 38,000 times.

Singgih wrote that the parents approached him at the store and apologised for their son stealing a 'Tayo the Little Bus' toy

"Sorry, yesterday when we shopped at your store, my son put this toy inside his bag. We apologise once again," Singgih recounted the parents' apology while they handed the toy back.

"Go on son, apologise to the shopkeeper," the parents said to their son, who then gave his apology.

Singgih found there were indeed two missing items in the store's stock but forgave the boy, and made him promise not to do it again.

"He cried and hugged me. Then he asked me for a punishment," he tweeted.

"He said he was already punished by his father, but he hadn't gotten one from here."

Tayo the Little Bus is a character in a popular South Korean children's cartoon series.

Image via letgo

The parents told Singgih to give the boy a light punishment so that he would learn his lesson, so he told the boy to arrange some toys on a shelf according to colour

When Singgih asked the boy the reason for stealing, the boy answered his mother had promised to buy him the toy once his exam results came out, but he couldn't wait any longer.

After arranging the toys, the boy hugged Singgih again while saying sorry.

"I still want to play and buy toys here, don't chase me away," the little boy said.

The parents initially wanted to pay five times the price of the stolen toy - which Singgih said is a common regulation at malls regarding stolen items, but he turned the offer down since the boy had already apologised.

Singgih tweeted that the boy came back a few days later to buy the toys.

Image via Twitter @singgihsahara

At the end of the thread, Singgih wrote that some Twitter users wondered why he did not give the toy to the boy

"I'm just an employee, not the store owner, and the Tayo toy bus costs IDR179,000 (RM53). For me, that's expensive, that amount of money can buy milk powder for my own child," explained Singgih.

He also wrote, "The boy's parents were worried that if I gave their child a gift after punishing him, then he wouldn't have learnt his lesson."

Netizens thanked Singgih for the heartwarming story, as well as praised the parents for teaching their child about accountability

"What a cute story. Thanks for sharing. Hope the boy will grow up to become a decent person," wrote a user.

This user adored the parents' teaching while commenting, "It is good to be responsible and aware of consequences since young. A good example of an apology."

Another user said, "Please ask the parents to make a Twitter thread on their parenting methods so that my child can also learn to be academically smart with a good attitude."

Parenting is undeniably difficult:

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