Singaporean Home Baker Delivers "Dirty" Cake To A Customer. Then It Started To Melt...

BB-8? More like BB-ate-the-cake.

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A birthday party for a 6-year-old almost went birthday cake-less when a home baker hired by his mother did not quite deliver on the custom-made 3D cake she'd promised to make for the boy

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According to a Facebook post written by the boy's aunt (excerpt above), the home baker was recommended to her sister - the boy's mother - by some friends.

According to Low, the boy's aunt and a home baker herself, the baker had promised to replicate a BB-8 cake for her nephew's upcoming birthday party. The quoted price was SGD85 (RM257), which is said to be lower than the "market price" for custom-made cakes.

Low also wrote that the baker had a Facebook page called 'I Sugar Coat Everything', in which she shares other professional bakers' creations and occasionally her own work.

The supposed design of the 6-year-old's BB-8 birthday cake, as proposed by the baker herself.

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The first red flag was soon raised when the baker sent over a picture of the completed cake. Not only did the cake look starkly different from the original picture, the "finished product" also bore several "dirty" brown stains.

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Another red flag was raised when the baker insisted that the cake be picked up one day earlier than intended. She had also draped a "Happy 6th Birthday" banner across the BB-8 to presumably cover up the brown stains.

"My sister told the baker that the cake will be collected on Friday morning, but the baker rushed her to collect by Thursday night as she had to attend someone's funeral," Low wrote.

"Would you suspect that the cake is not properly structured and show signs of sinking? I do!"

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In addition, Low noted that the cake balls her sister had ordered also looked different from a "work completed" picture that was previously sent by the baker

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Things came to a head when the cake was brought home. Within hours, the cake started "sinking" with icing gradually breaking and melting off the structure within hours.

"When my sister picked up the cake, she asked if the cake can be put inside the car boot. The baker said 'YES' and happily helped her to put the cake inside the car boot," Low wrote.

"The cake started sinking within the night after the cake was received."

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The boy's mother quickly contacted the baker and demanded for a refund. The baker apologised and agreed to do so... only to go back on her word the very next day.

"On Friday morning, the baker's boss contacted my sister and they became very nasty," Low wrote.

"They blamed my sister for improperly handling the cake. They broke the promise of a full refund, saying that they will only refund 40% as the other 60% will be charged for cost of materials."

Low also attached several screenshots of the WhatsApp conversation between her sister and the baker below:

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After the heated exchange, Low's sister decided to cut off contact with the baker.

On why she decided to share this story, Low wrote, "I believe this kind of bad apples should be thrown out before the image of 'home baker' is destroyed."

Low also claimed that the baker "revamped" her website, removing "ugly photos" of her creations and "putting others' work" after what happened.

However, the baker's page appears to have been deleted from Facebook at the time of writing.

What about the boy's birthday cake? Fortunately, the boy's mother managed to order a simple chocolate cake decorated with Star Wars figurines just in time for his party.

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