"Do You Know How Many Units I Own Here?" – Man Berates Security Guard For Clamping His BMW

The man addressed the security guard as "you people" and called them "poor".

Cover image via Shin Min Daily

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A man was criticised for shouting at a security guard for clamping his BMW vehicle that was parked illegally in a residential area on Sin Ming Road, Singapore

According to Shin Min Daily, the incident occurred at noon last Monday, 3 April.

The man's act was filmed by a female resident, who wished to remain anonymous. She shared the clip with the Singaporean daily to expose his crude behaviour.

"Do you know how many units I own here?" the man snarled at the guard in the video.

When the security guard could not answer, the man said, "I have more than two units here!"

"My son's school ends at 1:30pm. (Now) I can't pick up my son because there are people like you. Causing inconvenience to others is you people's hobby," he snapped.

The man was seen berating the security guard in a video taken by a female resident.

Image via Shin Min Daily

In the video, the security guard was seen telling the man that he had also parked his BMW vehicle in an illegal spot a day earlier and they had tried contacting him to inform him to move the car

However, the man did not pick up the calls, reported China Press.

"You called and I had to listen?" he retorted.

It is understood that the man confronted the security guard in the rain, leading the latter to suggest they continue the conversation at a sheltered place.

But the man was not done chastising, saying, "You guys like to cause inconvenience to others... You guys are already so poor. Do you guys like to die (too)?"

The man's BMW vehicle was clamped at the residential area.

Image via Shin Min Daily

The female resident, who has been living in the building for about five years, shared the video she captured to the residence's chat group

Shin Min Daily reported that other residents also condemned the man for his actions.

The female resident said many residents sympathised with the security guard, contending that he was "just doing his job, and the man really did not have to resort to using harsh language".

The man is said to have lodged a police report over the matter. The police said no one was injured in the incident and advised both parties to take separate legal actions.

Meanwhile, the security guard refused to be interviewed when approached by Shin Min Daily reporters.

According to the female resident, illegal parking used to be a common problem at the residence.

But once a new security team took over the management about half a month ago, she said the situation started to improve.

The Chinese daily reported that residents must register their vehicles to park at designated spaces, but the man in the incident did not do so, which led to his vehicle being clamped.

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