Singaporean Debt Collector Wears Chinese Funeral Costume And 'Begs' A Borrower To Pay Up

He also hummed two Chinese songs meant for funerals.

Cover image via Zaobao

A 59-year-old debt collector in Singapore was recently filmed asking for repayment in a peculiar way

Image via Oriental Daily

Sin Chew Daily reported that the man, clad in Chinese funeral costume, knelt down outside a borrower's office in Singapore and begged him to pay up.

The video of the 59-year-old's antics has since gone viral on social media. 

The debt collector shouted and hummed funeral songs outside the debtor's office

"Tolong tolong, I beg you, please pay up!" the man yelled, according to Oriental Daily.

"Come, come! Do not do business with this company!" he added. 

Image via Zaobao

The man then hummed funeral songs in an attempt to gain the attention of the debtor, who had not showed up at the door of the office. 

He also sarcastically said "Please don't take pictures of me!" to the borrower's employees as they whipped out their phones.

In an interview with Singaporean daily Zaobao on Thursday, 30 May, the 59-year-old revealed that he was hired by a client two weeks ago

He claimed that the borrower's company had owed his client SGD170,000 (approximately RM510,000) since two to three years ago, but there has been no repayment to date.

The 59-year-old added that he chose to appear at the borrower's office in Chinese funeral costume after running out of ideas for debt collection.

However, the 48-year-old debtor, who owns the company, refused to confront him at the time of the incident. He also argued that his company does not owe any debts, and is considering to take legal action against the debt collector. 

The video of the incident can be viewed here:

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