Non-Muslim Donates To A Surau Every Ramadan In Exchange For Prayers For Her Late Brother

"I do it because I loved my brother so much."

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A non-Muslim woman's Ramadan tradition inspired by her late brother is warming hearts all over the Internet

Facebook user Rizal Imran shared about the woman in a post on 22 May, which has garnered over 1,200 shares at the time of writing.

"I'm so impressed with Aci," the netizen wrote, referring to his neighbour, Vijayalechumy Shamugam.

He explained that Aci visits a surau in Ulu Klang every year during Ramadan, with donations in hand

Rizal revealed in an interview with mStar that she comes to the surau with bags of fruits and cordial drinks for Muslims to break their fast with before praying.

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Since Aci's late brother was a Muslim convert, she pays the congregation at the surau every Ramadan to read tahlil for him

"Regardless of religion, this is how she shows her love for her younger brother," he added in the post.

According to mStar, Aci's brother Abdul Rahman Abdullah passed away a few years ago. His wife passed away not long after.

Since then, Aci has been asking the congregation at the surau to make prayers for the couple.

"I do it because I loved my brother so much. We were very close. I miss him even more every Ramadan and Hari Raya," Aci said in the interview

She added that two of her four children are Muslim converts.

"For me it doesn’t matter what religion they practise as long as they believe and are sincere," the 54-year-old said.

Netizens praised Aci for respecting her brother's faith and continuously making an effort to ensure that he and his wife are prayed for

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