"We Eat Together" - Non-Muslims At KFC Insist On Waiting Until Buka Puasa To Eat

"Thank you for respecting us Muslims and Malays. You are a very kind man."

A netizen's Facebook post about a non-Muslim couple dining at KFC during Ramadan has warmed hearts all over the Internet

Mohd Fuzaimie Faizan shared the story in a Facebook post on 27 May.

While waiting to break fast at KFC, Fuzaimie was approached by a Chinese uncle.

"What time are you allowed to eat? Is it 7pm?"

"I told him that we can only eat at 7.10pm," he wrote.

He then realised that the man and his partner were intentionally not touching their food.

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I told him not to worry and to go ahead and eat.

He then replied, "It's okay, I can wait, we eat together".

"I told him to please not wait as it would still be a while to go, 15 more minutes," Fuzaimie explained.

However, the Chinese man continued to wait out of respect for Muslim diners at KFC.

"So uncle, thank you for respecting us Muslims and Malays. You are a very kind man," he added.

Touched by his gesture, netizens applauded the man for his thoughtfulness and expressed their pride in Malaysia's multicultural society

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"My Chinese friends in school used to also do that, and just not drink in class during the holy month," another netizen commented.

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