Singaporean Woman Saw A Drone Outside Her Window While She Was Showering On The 17th Floor

The drone flew back and forth at a slow speed right outside her window.

Cover image via MyCondo/Dose Media on Unsplash (Edited by SAYS)

A woman in Singapore is alerting netizens of a 'peeping drone' after she caught one hovering outside her window while she was showering in her apartment unit on the 17th floor

In the Facebook post on Thursday, 2 May, Amelia Yeo wrote, "Earlier today at around 5pm while I was showering, I noticed something flying outside my toilet window.

"My toilet window is always open because I am on the 17th floor and nothing is directly outside it (see photo), so I assumed there were no privacy issues."

Yeo said the object flew past her window and then flew back again, which is when she realised it was a drone

"At first I thought the object was a plane, because I live quite near the airport. But then I saw it fly past and back again," Yeo said.

She added that the drone was about 50-100m away from her toilet window. "It was definitely able to look right in (with a perfect view of me showering)".

Yeo added that a short time later, the drone had flown to the Elias Green condominium, before heading back "in the direction it had come from" towards the Ris Grandeur condominium.

Pasir Ris Neighbourhood Police Post officers were quick to respond to her report, but unfortunately could not find the drone operator

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Image via Dose Media/Unsplash

Police also confirmed that a police report on the incident had been lodged, according to The Straits Times.

The case is being investigated on two counts, for outrage of modesty and breach of no-fly zone laws.

In a comment posted yesterday, 9 May, Yeo shared that the police has since reclassified the case for "harassment".

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