Singaporeans Brave The Rain For A Last Goodbye To Their Founding Father, Lee Kuan Yew

Singapore ends its week-long public mourning after the death of founding father Lee Kuan Yew. Here's a look at how the Singaporeans braved the rain to bid final goodbye to their first PM.

Cover image via The Straits Times

The last day of National Mourning for the late Lee Kuan Yew started off with people streaming into the Padang area by early morning

And dignitaries hailing his legacies

In order to help pedestrian movement for Lee Kuan Yew's procession, Singapore's Jubilee Bridge was open today, a month earlier than planned

While it had started raining, crowd kept gathering, armed with chairs and boxes

"Not even heavy rain can stop us from sending Mr Lee Kuan Yew off on his final journey"

Meanwehile, PM Lee Hsien Loong arrived at Parliament House

While it rained heavily at the Padang, there was a sense of solidarity among people who came out for Lee Kuan Yew's procession

And police officers braved the wet weather

People were grateful

By 12:40pm, Mr Lee Kuan Yew's casket was placed on to a ceremonial gun carriage

And the procession moved towards the gate of Parliament House

Crowd started shoutout Mr Lee Kuan Yew's name as the ceremonial gun carriage moved to the streets

And officers marched in rain

And contingents braved the rain

While the crowd kept shoutout his name

The 21-gun salute underway for the founding father

Crowds waited patiently braving the rain for Lee Kuan Yew's casket to pass

And threw flowers on the streets

As it poured heavily, students waited patiently, undeterred

And vehicles overhead slowed to a crawl

While some knelt on the wet asphalt, others climbed up on higher grounds to pay their last respect

And some bowed their heads

Soldiers salute as cortege passed

A sign at Mr Lee Kuan Yew's procession read, "Thank you for giving your life to Singapore"

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