Uptown PJ's Uncle David Is Pleading For Financial Aid After MBPJ Confiscated All His Stock

On the bright side, MBPJ has agreed to return the confiscated items back to Uncle David!

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Bandar Utama ADUN Confirms MBPJ Confiscated Uncle David’s Toys On 6 December, Not February

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A spokesperson from the Bandar Utama ADUN office told SAYS the MBPJ councillor of the area confirmed that the incident did take place around 9am on Thursday, 6 December.

He added that the matter was also settled earlier today, and that the councillor "managed to get all the confiscated items to be returned back to Uncle David."

We also reached out to MBPJ councillor Quratulain Atiqah, who confirmed Bandar Utama ADUN's statement on the issue

Quratulain noted that the confiscation of Uncle David's items was actually part of Ops Bersepadu, which involves the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ), Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), National Anti-Drugs Agency (AADK), and Malaysian Road Transport Department (JPJ). 

She also told SAYS that she will be working with Bandar Utama assemblywoman Jamaliah Jamaluddin to help Uncle David find a better and more appropriate place to sell his toys.

We later checked in with Uncle David, who is now back at his usual spot in front of HSBC Bank. He confirmed that MBPJ returned the confiscated items sometime before 5pm today.

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7 DEC, 12.42PM: For the past few years, Uncle David and his collection of soft toys for sale have been a familiar sight at Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya

Come rain or shine, the 66-year-old is often found at his usual spot in front of HSBC bank.

At the peak of the Pokémon GO craze in 2016, Uncle David's business flourished after a Facebook post about his collection of Pokémon toys went viral and earned him the nickname "Uncle Pokémon". At the time, it was also revealed that Uncle David was undergoing treatment for leukaemia but had to continue selling soft toys to make ends meet.

Despite having sold his merchandise at the same spot for several years, Uncle David's business was recently dealt with a huge blow when officials from the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) confiscated all of his stock on Thursday morning, 6 December

In several Facebook posts, Uncle David revealed that MBPJ took a total of 150 items, including 107 soft toys and 43 luggage tags, amounting to RM771

The confiscation of items meant that Uncle David is now left with an empty inventory. As such, he is currently trying to raise funds to replenish his stock.

Items taken 107 soft toys cost rm 6 total rm 642. Luggage tag rm 43 at rm 3 cost equals rm 129 plus 642 comes up to rm 771.

Posted by David Christopher Vincent Phillips on Wednesday, 5 December 2018

In a Facebook post, Uncle David pleaded with the public to help him raise RM750 to purchase a new batch of merchandise.

If you'd like to contribute some money to Uncle David's cause, you can bank it in to David Christopher Vincent Phillips via Public Bank account number 4651164806. He can also be contacted on mobile at 016-2622 1701. 

Meanwhile, the incident has caught the attention of Bandar Utama ADUN Jamaliah Jamaluddin, who said that her office will get in touch with Uncle David to see how they can assist him as well

Dear concerned citizens , Our office has heard about Uncle David's incident and will be doing our best to help him....

Posted by Jamaliah Jamaluddin on Thursday, 6 December 2018

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