Someone Tried To Feed RM6,100 To A Giraffe At A Zoo In China

Why China, why. :(

Cover image via China News

An unknown visitor at a zoo in Yunnan, China reportedly attempted to feed a wad of cash to one of its giraffes

Last Tuesday morning, 16 April, workers at the Yunnan Wildlife Park found cash strewn all over the ground inside the giraffes' enclosure, Shanghaiist reported.

Image via China News
Image via China News
Image via China News

After workers gathered the money, the amount totalled to more than CNY10,000 (RM6,100)

Image via China News
Image via China News

The zoo is currently searching for the suspect, as surveillance cameras were unable to capture the mysterious visitor

At the time of writing, no one has come forward to collect their cash.

Meanwhile, the media has labelled the suspect as "tuhao", which translated by Shanghaiist means "someone with lots of cash but no refinement".

The zoo has since reminded the public not to litter or feed its animals with strange items.

This isn't the first time visitors have abused zoo animals:

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