Kelantan's Very Own Spider-Man Is Winning Hearts With His Nasi Lemak

The nasi lemak comes with a free selfie!

Cover image via Nasi Lemak Spiderman

While everyone is busy talking about Marvel's latest star Deadpool, a local superhero is on a quest to steal all that limelight with nasi lemak!

Zawawi Ghazali instantly became an Internet sensation after photos of him in a Spider-Man suit selling nasi lemak for RM2 went viral on social media

Zawawi sets up his stalls at different locations daily. He was previously spotted in front of Stadium Sultan Muhammad IV in Pasir Tumboh, Kubang Kerian, and a few other hotels in the surrounding area.

The Kelantan folks have apparently gone to great lengths just to take a selfie with the 29-year-old "Spider-Man", who has been moving around the state with his nasi lemak stall

Zawawi said there were two other “Spider-men” — his cousins Mohd Irfan Shukri, 20, and Mohd Nablan Shukri, 18 — who take over his role whenever he's busy.

“I choose the Spider-Man’s outfit as he is seen as a saviour to many and with that in mind, I hope the younger generation will take up similar strategies to improve their livelihood,” he said.

Despite the fact that some have shrugged off his act as "ridiculous", Zawawi has successfully silenced his critics by selling up to 500 packets of nasi lemak daily for the past week

Zawawi has previously ventured into a few businesses but none of them worked out. He first thought of the idea of selling nasi lemak in a suit two years ago, an idea which he only managed to materialise recently.

Besides selling the nasi lemak prepared by his mother, Zawawi also owns a construction company in Ketereh, Kelantan.

His mother, Rahimah Hassan, 53, had been operating the nasi lemak stall for almost eight years near their house in Kampung Kemubu near Ketereh.

“In the past, we used to struggle to sell 130 packets, but now, our sales have hit 500 packets a day,” he said, adding that customers could also take photographs with the “Spider-Man” for free when they bought the meal.

The father of two, who is a huge Spider-Man fan, bought his Spidey suit from China at the price of RM500. It's obviously proven to be a valuable investment as he's slowly but surely reaping the rewards through his nasi lemak stall.

Zawawi's Facebook page, 'Nasi Lemak Spiderman', which was created less than a week ago has already gotten more than 4,000 likes.

Want a yummy packet of nasi lemak and a selfie with a Kelantanese Spider-Man? Check out Zawawi's Facebook page here for details on where he'll be next!

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Spider-Man seems to always be a crowd favourite. Early last year, someone donning a Spider-Man suit won tickets to Ed Sheeran's concert after his video went viral!

Spider-Man is cool and all, but how much do you know about our local superheroes?

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