Datuk LCW Urges Malaysians To “Spread Love, Not Hate” In Heartfelt Facebook Post

"We Malaysians are better than this, my friends."

Cover image via Lee Chong Wei/Facebook

Retired national shuttler Datuk Lee Chong Wei has taken to Facebook to speak up about "petty issues" that have been taking over social media lately

Just a day before National Day, the three-time Olympic silver medallist called on Malaysians to stand united and not be divided over divisive issues.

He shared that he has not been using social media as frequently because it was upsetting to see "friends and fans shooting vulgarities at each other."

"This is not the Malaysia I fought for," he wrote. 

The 37-year-old went on to share that during his badminton match against Lin Dan back in the 2006 Malaysian Open Final, he thought he would lose until he saw Malaysians cheering for him

"I thought I would lose when I trailed at 13-20. It was impossible.

"Against the most talented man with a seven point match point deficit, I was already thinking about what to eat for dinner," he wrote, adding that he felt tired and dejected.

"I looked up to the crowd. Their vociferous support never wavered. Then I saw a Malay girl, maybe around eight-ish years old putting both hands together with her eyes closed. She was praying for me."

He also wrote that he noticed an Indian girl crying at one corner of the stadium, presumably crying for the badminton player while at the other side of the stadium, he saw his friend's son cheering loudly for him.

Upon seeing all these faces in the crowd, Lee knew he should not give up as the whole country was praying for him to win.

"The whole Malaysia prayed for me to win. A Malaysia consisting of kawan, ah ne, and Heng Dai. A colourful Malaysia. A Malaysia where I eat Roti Canai for breakfast, Nasi Lemak for lunch and Char Koey Tiao for dinner."

"We Malaysians are better than this, my friends."

Lee then recalled a "hilarious report" published five years ago, which claimed that Chinese Malaysians would choose to support Lin Dan if it ever came to a match between Misbun Sidek and the Chinese shuttler

"First and foremost, who are you to say that faith and loyalty should not be your forte? Second of all, as a Malaysian who knows both Lin Dan and Misbun, I'd without a doubt support Misbun."

"If Misbun had won, my country is happy, everyone is happy, and we might even get a public holiday. If Lin Dan wins, what do I get?"

Lee urged Malaysians to not let petty issues and racism tear the country apart

"We Malaysians always hang out with each other no matter which race. We cheer for our country Malaysia. Are we going to stop all these because of one random voice from the building?

"I want my sons and grandchildren to have their Malay and Indian friends. I want them to feel safe in Malaysia. I want them to fight for the flag, like how I did for you guys in the last decade," he wrote.

"Malaysians are much better than this. Prove to them that we are firm and will not tolerate any of this nonsense. Spread love not hate!"

Lee concluded the post by saying that when Malaysia won the Thomas Cup back in 1992, the winning team consisted of different races, adding that "It was a beautiful Malaysia, multiracial. Don't kill it."

Hi all, Salam sejahtera semua. Recently I have not frequented the social media as often as I used to. Sebab sakit hati...

Posted by Lee Chong Wei on Thursday, August 29, 2019

Just a few months ago, the badminton legend announced his retirement after playing professionally for over two decades:

But this is not the last you'll see of him as he will be going to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as Malaysia's Chef De Mission:

However, we'll definitely miss his friendship with Lin Dan:

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