Lee Chong Wei And Lin Dan Have The Purest Friendship And Here Are 20 Pics To Prove It

We stan a bromance.

Cover image via Twitter @Khairykj / AFP

There's nothing quite like watching Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan battle it out on the badminton court. Sadly, with the former having announced his retirement, we will never again bear witness to the duo's fiery matches on the public stage.

Despite their fierce rivalry across the net, the star shuttlers are actually pretty close friends off-court. Just look at these super cute pictures we found of their pure friendship:

1. From their first meeting at the 2000 Asian Junior Championships in Kyoto

The 2000 Asian Junior Championships was also then 18-year-old Lee's first international tournament. 

2. Teaming up for a friendly doubles match in 2014

Image via CNTV

3. Sometimes, they'd exchange jerseys after a match

Image via Reuters

4. Like at the 2016 Rio Olympics semi-final...

Image via Badminton Becky

5. Then they'd hug. Ugh, cute.

6. "Bro"

7. "What bro"

Image via Badzine

8. "Tell the whole world we're bros"

Image via Reuters

9. *whispers* "We're bros."

10. "Why'd you whisper, bro?"

Image via AFP

11. "Because you're my whole world, bro."

Lin Dan checking on Lee Chong Wei when the latter suffered leg cramps in the 2013 World Championships.

Image via Reuters

11. "b r o"

Image via Badmintonfreak

12. In conclusion, we stan this two decade-long friendly rivalry

Image via

Lin, along with fans from Malaysia and all over the world, paid tribute to the Malaysian shuttler after he announced his retirement:

The badminton legend also had some emotional parting words for Malaysians and his successors after the announcement:

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