Sri Aman Dog Sacrifices Himself To Save His Owner's Family From A 20-Feet Long Python

The python measured 16cm in diameter.

Cover image via NSTP via JOSHUA ERIC/STR

On Monday, a pet dog became a sacrificial lamb when he was strangled and killed by a python – measuring 20 feet in length and 16cm in diameter, at his owner's house in Jalan Kejatau, Sri Aman

"We're devastated over our dog, but we owe him our lives.

"If it wasn't because of him, the snake might have entered our house," a distraught family member, who didn't want to be named, was quoted as saying by NST Online.

The adult python was seen by the family constricting their pet dog

Before the incident, a family member was said to be looking for the dog, however, after checking on the surroundings they found an adult python constricting their lifeless dog.

"We hit the reptile so it would let our dog go.

"The snake probably got scared and released the dog before disappearing into a hole nearby," NST Online quoted the family member as saying.

The family, who now feared for their safety, called the Fire and Rescue Department at 2.42pm and an engine with nine personnel from the Sri Aman station rushed to the scene to capture the python

In an operation that lasted over an hour and involved three firefighters and four civilians, the python was pulled out from the hole in the ground it had crawled into.

"The firefighters and local residents worked together to retrieve the python, which had sneaked into a hole in the ground after being chased away by other residents.

"The operation ended at 3.57pm," a Fire and Rescue Department spokesperson said.

The family will now forever remember their pet dog as a hero who sacrificed himself to save his owners from the python's attack

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