11-Year-Old Suffers Nerve Damage After Being Punished To Stand In The Sun At School

The victim's mother said Ampang Hospital has assessed that her son is now a person with disabilities.

Cover image via Nurul Hidayah Bahaudin/Harian Metro & New Straits Times

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A Standard Five student has become disabled after allegedly being punished to stand out in the hot sun at school

According to Harian Metro, the victim's mother, Mogahana Selvi, spoke at a press conference today, 29 May, recounting that Ampang Hospital has issued a referral letter for her son to be assessed as a person with disabilities (OKU).

It it understood that the child has been diagnosed with a nerve condition resulting from heatstroke.

"The hospital has also informed me that my son can no longer study in a normal school due to his health problems and has asked me to send him to a special school," she said.

The press conference was also attended by her husband, B Suresh, their lawyer, Dinesh Muthal, and Johor Malaysia-Singapore Workers Association (PEMAS) chairman, S Dayalan.

From left: Family lawyer Dinesh Muthal, PEMAS chairman S Dayalan, and the victim's parents, Mogahana Selvi and B Suresh, at the press conference today, 29 May.

Image via Nurul Hidayah Bahaudin/Harian Metro

It was previously reported that the 11-year-old was rushed to Ampang Hospital after he was ordered to stand under the sun in the middle of the school field from 10am to 12.50pm on 30 April

Mogahana claimed her son was punished because he had complained to his teacher that a classmate had thrown a water bottle at him.

"My son complained to the teacher that he was dizzy (while standing under the sun) but the complaint was ignored," she added.

She said her son's eyes were red after she picked him up from school, and he told her that he did not feel well. She then rushed him to the hospital, where he fainted.

"The doctor who treated him then informed me that he was suffering from heat exhaustion," she said.

According to the New Straits Times, she filed a police report regarding the incident on the same day.

A photo of the 11-year-old boy at the emergency department in Ampang Hospital on 30 April.

Image via New Straits Times

The parents now intend to file a civil suit against all parties involved in the ordeal

FMT reported their lawyer as saying the parents want the teacher involved to be brought to court and punished accordingly.

The parents have also expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of action taken by the school and the slow pace of handling of the case by the authorities.

"In other cases, charges can be filed in just a week. This case is straightforward, but it has already been a month. What are the authorities doing?" Dinesh questioned.

The parents also claimed the school has not communicated with them regarding the case, but has instead issued three warning letters for their son being absent while receiving medical treatment.

Children are susceptible to heatstroke when exposed to the sun for too long:

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