Kelantan Student Who Went Viral For Writing 'F*ck Cikgu' On School Uniform Apologises

He was also fined for not wearing a helmet and failure to produce a valid licence.

Cover image via Geng Keselamatan Negara (Facebook) & Facebook

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A photo of three students riding home on motorcycles after completing their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations recently went viral

The image shows the boys wearing secondary school uniforms with profanities on their shirts. They wrote 'F*ck Cikgu' on their backs while one of them had also doodled a middle finger on their shirt.

According to Harian Metro, one particular posting on Facebook garnered over 2,000 comments and 7,000 shares.

Image via Facebook

Police have identified the students and issued them fines for several offences

Kelantan Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department chief Supt Zamri Mohd Rowi told the Malay daily that the summons issued were in accordance with the Road Transport Act 1987.

He said that their violations include failure to produce a driver's licence, the use of an uninsured motorcycle, as well as a number plate offence.

"We have issued summons to the owner of the vehicles used by the students after successfully identifying them. I advise that they follow the law and respect their teachers," he added.

Kelantan Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department chief Supt Zamri Mohd Rowi.

Image via Geng Keselamatan Negara (Facebook)

Netizens attempted to track down the students by checking on the motorcycle plate number.

However, the student has since come forward to apologise and explained that the motorcycle does not belong to him.

People managed to identify the motorcycle owner and started circulating his images, accusing him of being the person in the viral photo.

However, the actual Form Five student involved took to Facebook to clear the air. His post read, "I openly admit my wrongdoings and for writing profanities as well as insulting teachers on the back of my school uniform."

"The motorcycle I used is also not mine and the owner is my friend's brother. The owner of the bike is innocent, I'm the one who's guilty. The owner works outside of Kelantan. Again, I apologise and would like to ask people to stop spreading photos of the motorcycle owner because he is innocent."

The actual motorcycle owner, Muhammad Afiq, explained that he left the bike in his hometown for his family to use while he worked outside of Kelantan.

"I was quite surprised when the issue went viral. Whatever it is, I implore that members of the public will remove my photo," he said.

Harian Metro reported that the man had also filed a police report against the accusations.

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