People Are Calling Out A Group Of Students For Hogging Tables At FamilyMart To Study

Convenience stores are the new cafes and coffeeshops.

Mention the name 'FamilyMart', and the first things that come to mind are matcha soft serve and sitting down to makan oden.

However, for this group of students, it was a convenient place to hit the books.

On 8 January, one netizen took to Twitter to express her frustration towards a group of students who had taken over several tables at FamilyMart to study.

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She also pointed out that other paying customers could not sit and enjoy their purchases, as the tables were covered with books and stationery.

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The tweet has garnered over 6,000 retweets at the time of writing.

Many netizens had the same burning question in mind - of all places, why study at FamilyMart?

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"They forgot to 'study' common sense," wrote one Twitter user.

The idea of choosing a convenience store as a conducive work environment was so humorous to some netizens, one jokingly asked why no one was doing it at 7-Eleven stores

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However, one Twitter user defended the students, arguing that budget restraints may be why they chose to do work in FamilyMart over pricier coffee shops like Starbucks

"They didn't buy food maybe because they don't have money to buy food. They're students, what do you expect?" he wrote.

Another Twitter user replied saying that, "If you don't have money, why even go to FamilyMart?"

Some also pointed out that the students had many public libraries to choose from instead of places meant for paying customers.

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Do you think eateries have the right to discourage customers from hogging tables for hours to study? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

In 2017, customers studying in coffee shops became a topic of debate after a Starbucks employee in Singapore asked a woman to leave:

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