These Primary School Students Protested Against Their Teacher For Being Lazy And Rude

Don't mess with angry kids.

Cover image via Khaosod English

Tired and fed-up with their teacher's incompetence, a group of primary school students in Satun, Thailand staged a protest to demand her resignation

Image via Khaosod English

Students holding signs and banners circled the teacher's car as soon as she pulled into the school compound on Thursday, 21 June.

They were furious, and nothing was going to stop them from spelling out the shortcomings of Chantan Sutaphanit, the educator accused of being rude and lazy. 

Some of the signs read "Kru (Teacher) Chantana, get out!", "I don't want to study with Kru Chantana", and "I'm not a brat"

Image via Khaosod English

Khaosod English reported that the students were joined by parents, who said Chantana has used profanity and cursed her students, poked them with sharp pencils, and used her phone all day instead of educating them

Chantana had no choice but to call the police as her car was blocked by these young and bold protestors

Image via Khaosod English

The police arrived shortly after and ended the demonstration at around 9am.

A senior education official has promised to look into the allegations. Chantana has been suspended until the investigation is completed. 

Image via Khaosod English

Nicely done, kids. Kudos to all of you!

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