Subang Man Offers Job To GrabFood Rider Who Dropped Out Of School To Support His Family

"Whatever amount he earns for the day, he would then bank in RM100 to his savings account and put some in his family's pot."

Cover image via Aiman Manan & Facebook

It's always heartwarming to see Malaysians come together to help each other, especially in a time of need

On 11 October, Facebook user Aiman Manan shared how he met a well-spoken and polite GrabFood rider a couple of months ago and found out that he does several delivery services to make ends meet.

His touching Facebook post has since received over 2,900 shares.

Aiman discovered that Ganesh had been working since he was 15 after he dropped out of school to support his family

He spent seven years working in McDonald's before becoming a GrabFood delivery rider.

"Due to rising competition, he couldn't [get] as many orders. That's when he decided to self employ himself," Aiman wrote.

"Ganesh pays himself daily. Whatever amount he earns for the day, he would then bank in RM100 to his savings account and put some in his family's pot."

However, he has been cheated several times by customers who did not pay him

Aiman decided to hire Ganesh as a delivery rider around Klang Valley for his company Natura, so that he could receive extra pay while conducting his other delivery services.

After trying this out a couple of times, the CEO wrote that he was very impressed by the young man's code of conduct.

"[Ganesh] was pinpoint with his timing. Never once late and when we cross-checked with our customers, they said similar things too. Well-spoken, polite, and on time," he wrote.

That morning, Aiman offered Ganesh a job managing inventory and orders so that he can receive a fixed pay while continuing his delivery services on the side

Thankful for this new job, Ganesh has since been contacted by many companies to potentially work with them as a partner on a long-term basis.

"I'm very grateful to Aiman for helping me out, he did a lot for me," said Ganesh, according to Malay Mail.

"I'm also thankful for all the people who have called in and supported me since the post was made, it will help me a great deal towards providing for my family."

You can read the full post below:

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