Watch Malaysians Of Different Races Band Together To Flip A Car That Overturned

The incident that united Malaysians of different races happened in Kampung Medan, Petaling Jaya yesterday, 20 October.

Cover image via Twitter @PhoebeShafinaz

A heartwarming video depicting how united Malaysians truly are has gone viral on Twitter since it was posted yesterday, 20 October

The short 57-second long video posted by @PhoebeShafinaz saw Malaysians of different ethnic groups gather within seconds to help flip a vehicle that had just overturned.

Phoebe said that the incident took place at Kampung Medan, Petaling Jaya yesterday.

Young men, elderly pak cik, and topless anneh all came forward to push the vehicle back on its four wheels

A green-shirted pak cik tried to open the left passenger door, but realised it was out of his reach due to the height of the car.

Motorcyclists who were passing by, too, stopped and lent a hand.

Very quickly, about 10 men were already standing by the roof of the car.

The group pushed in unison twice and successfully put the what seemed to be a Honda Stream back to its upright position

"This is what I love about Malaysia. My people are so concerned and quick to help," wrote Phoebe.

According to her, the area had a history of a violent riot between the Indians and Malays in the past.

"I'm fascinated by how that incident actually brought them closer together now," she added in the Twitter thread.

She also confirmed that no one in the car was injured.

The incident warmed the hearts of Malaysians and many Twitter users have flocked to the post to leave comments that celebrate Malaysians' unity

"Thank you and congratulations to those who came forward to help," a Twitter user wrote.

"We could see Malaysians of different races band together to help. Isn't it great Malaysians can live together without any (racial) provocation?" he added.

"There are (all races) turned up to help," another Twitter user said.

"We are not a population that is racist at all. It's the people above who divide us."

You can watch the full video here:

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