Taiping Police Issue Summons On Those Selling Mangoes And Guavas At Traffic Lights

The Facebook post by the police received mixed reactions from netizens.

Cover image via Polis Daerah Taiping (Facebook)

A group of individuals in Taiping were recently issued police summons for selling fruits at traffic light junctions

On Thursday, 7 January, the Taiping district police wrote about Ops Penjaja Jalanan on their official Facebook page.

The post read, "The Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) from Taiping district police headquarters have carried out Ops Penjaja Jalanan in areas under the administration of the Taiping district police headquarters on 5 January lead by The Taiping JSPT head ASP Ng Wei Boon along with senior officers and three junior officers."

Police issued a total of four POL.257 summons and said that the peddlers were previously advised to stop operations.

Authorities urged them to set up a stall using a canopy by the side of the road instead.

"The act of peddling at the traffic light is something that could bring danger to the seller and road users," the post added.

Photos uploaded show that the individuals were selling containers of pickled mangoes and guavas for RM10 each.

OPS PENJAJA JALANAN Taiping - Bahagian Siasatan dan Penguatkuasaan Trafik(BSPTD) IPD Taiping telah menjalankan Ops...

Posted by Polis Daerah Taiping on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Meanwhile, the Facebook post received mixed reactions from netizens.

Some agreed that the sellers were putting their lives in danger while others argued that they're merely trying to make a living.

One person wrote, "Agree. Although it seems cruel, it's for the best especially for children who sell these. Let's say one day they get hit while peddling in the middle of the road. Who is going to be responsible? Plus the cost of medicine? It's even worse for those with families and wives and kids. Look at this angle, friends. It seems cruel but it's for good in the long run."

Image via Facebook

Another netizen noted, "The law is right, but you have to remember that we are in COVID-19 times. People are struggling to live, not struggling to be rich."

Image via Facebook

"Shouldn't have taken action like that. They only sell during the red light, putting in effort to make an honest living and not doing crime. In Kelantan, there are so many people peddling like this and it's fine. So far I haven't heard of them risking the lives of road users. They're just doing business, not performing robbery. It's best to just advise them to take precautionary steps," one person argued.

Image via Facebook

A user commented, "They're looking for an income not to be rich, just to survive life. I don't know what to say. They're struggling and then get issued a summon. I pity them very much."

Image via Facebook

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