Primary School Teacher Who Reportedly Molested 6 Boys Has Been Released On Bail

One boy spoke out and soon others followed.

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A school teacher from a religious school in Bandar Baru Bangi has been reported to have molested six male students

The teacher was held for a four-day period after police arrested him on a remand order last Friday. A remand order means custody of a person until a later date when a trial or sentencing hearing is ready to take place.

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The first reported case was made by the father of a 12-year-old boy

The first report was lodged last Wednesday on 10 May, with the alleged case happening a month before.

The boy's school teacher was said to have touched his penis while he was reading.

The report prompted five more students to step out to share their accounts

The timeline dates back to 2014 when the students started going to the school when the alleged cases could have begun.

There is now a total of six reported cases made by parents and the school Parent-Teachers Association (PTA).

The school teacher is now released on police bail since the remand period has passed

The 29-year-old teacher’s remand was initially due on Monday, but was extended to Thursday. The extension was ordered by the Magistrate Court registrar, Sharifah Fazilah Zulkiflifor for further investigations to be made.

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