Teacher With Depression Thanks His Students For Saving Him From Suicidal Thoughts

"Thank you for saving my life."

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A netizen's Twitter thread about how his Form One students saved his life from succumbing to mental illnesses has gone viral

"Heaven is in my classroom," Safwan Jebat tweeted on 31 August.

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The post, which was followed by a lengthy Twitter thread, has garnered over 8,800 retweets.

The budding teacher shared about how his poor grammar triggered his clinical depression and Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder

In 2013, the then-21-year-old graduate was a certified English as a Second Language (TESL) teacher. However, he could not find stable employment because he struggled with grammar.

Safwan's inability to find work led to insecurities causing depression as he felt like he was not "a good son who could support his family financially".

The situation was worsened when his father passed away due to cancer.

"I was depressed and in such darkness to the point where I dared to take my own life," the budding teacher said.

When he finally landed a job as a substitute teacher in a secondary school, Safwan decided to make the most of it.

In an effort to encourage interest in learning, he would dress up in costumes related to the topics he taught in class.

The English, Bahasa Malaysia, and History teacher even became a viral sensation after videos of him teaching in his memorable outfits were posted on social media, Malay Mail reported.

The substitute teacher also piqued his Form One students' interests by incorporating fun games into his lessons

While Safwan's style of teaching proved to be a hit among his students, he learned in August that his time with them would be cut short

After he was informed that the teacher he had been substituting for would be returning, Safwan suffered a panic attack which led to hospitalisation.

However, support from his students motivated him to look on the bright side.

"Many people say teachers are heroic figures that can change their students' lives. My story is slightly different because I'm not a knight that can fly high to protect my students. My students are the little heroes who saved me," he wrote.

On his last day at school, the beloved teacher said a teary goodbye to the students he credits for bringing him "out of the darkness"

"They changed my life and saved me from depression and suicidal thoughts. Thank you for saving my life," he tweeted.

In July, another teacher's story about the special bond he has with his students went viral:

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