Teens Relentlessly Pursued A Pervert After They Caught Him Taking Pics Of Their Friend

The incident happened on Wednesday, 22 March at a mall in Ipoh.

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They were supposed to catch a movie. Instead, a group of teenagers found themselves confronting a man who'd secretly taken photos of their female friend when they were at a mall in Ipoh on Tuesday, 22 March.

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In a post published by one of the teens, it was alleged that the man had taken some photos of the girl's behind while they were going up the escalator

In one of three videos attached to the post, one of them could also be heard saying that the man had tailed them from the escalator to a bookstore.

The Facebook post has been shared more than 4,600 times since it was posted yesterday, 23 March.

The teenagers confronted the man, surrounding him and demanding that he show them the photos he'd taken on his phone. He, on the other hand, kept insisting that he was testing his camera to see if it's faulty.

The teens confronted the man for taking a photo of their friend's lower body, visible on the man's phone screen in the image on the right.

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It appears that the girl's mother was also on the scene, as she could be heard saying "That's my daughter!" while pointing to the man's phone screen.

At one point, the man attempted to walk away from the scene while pretending to make a call. Fortunately, one of the teens kept recording and following him, making sure he did not delete the incriminating images.

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The mall's security police eventually arrived and got ahold of the man's phone. Turns out, he's been taking photos of many other women's butt and chest area as well!

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The man, who is believed to be a retail employee in the mall, was apparently taken to the management office by security police. However, it is unclear if a police report was filed.

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SAYS has reached out to the individual who'd posted the photos and videos for further comment.

The original Facebook post can be found here.

Aside from shopping malls, women have also been harassed on the LRT:

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