Thai Man Shoots Himself After His Lottery Tickets Worth RM5,200,000 Went Missing

He was diagnosed with depression ever since he lost the lottery tickets.

Cover image via Oriental Daily

In November 2017, 42-year-old Jirawut Pongphan bought seven lottery tickets with the same number and won the grand prize

According to Sin Chew, Jirawut bought seven tickets with the same number in hopes of winning six times the average prize money if anyone else won with the same number. 

To his luck, the lottery prize he won was worth BHT42,000,000 (approximately RM5,200,000).

Excited, Jirawut invited friends and family over to celebrate. When he woke up the next day, his lottery tickets were gone.

The Sing Tao Daily reported that Jirawut fell to depression due to a combination of stress and sadness.

According to On Cc News, he also stopped going to work since then.

On 31 January, Jirawut shot himself in the head and left a suicide note by his body

Image via On Cc News

China Press reported that the Thai police found Jirawut's body in his bedroom. He used a 9mm handgun to shoot himself in his left temple. 

He also left a note by his side that said "I'm really sorry, please don't bully my family, I did win the lottery prize."

Image via China Press

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